Steel and non-ferrous metals industry

Processes, plant and R&D at all stages of the production chain
from raw materials to the finished product.

Iron and steel production • Metallurgy
Continuous casting • Rolling • Forging
Surface finishing • Heat treatment
Steel processing • Steel trade

Foundry industry

All foundry processes, including moulding, heat treatment,
reworking and finishing.

Raw materials • Moulding
Sand conditioning • Furnace technology • Casting process
Metallurgy • Casting simulation

Mechanical engineering

A production plant is a complex system of components,
all functioning according to various basic principles of
mechanical engineering. The following topics feature
particularly frequently in the texts I work on for my clients:

Hydraulics • Pump technology • Gears
Materials science • Machine tools


Automatic processes are integral to any modernproduction facility.
The topic of automation therefore
comes up very often in my translation work.

Measurement technology • Mechatronics
Industry 4.0 • Quality assurance
Power engineering

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